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Meadville Fine Arts Services . . .


MFA offers several services that benefit artists, photographers,

businesses and the individual home or office decorator:

For the local artist & photographer...

Art Supplies

We try to stock basic art supplies for drawing and painting to save our customers from having to travel an hour to get them. Due to space and financial limitations we have to limit what we can stock. Here are just a few items we try to have in stock at all times:

   · Sketchbooks & tablets

   · Drawing pencils, colored pencils and sharpeners

   · Erasers - kneaded, plastic, Magic Rub

   · Blending stumps & tortillons

   · Charcoal pencils & sticks, conté crayons

   · Pastels - oil & chalk

   · Paints - oil, watercolor & acrylic

   · Brushes & palette knifes

   · Canvas, canvas panels & stretcher bars


   · Scanning of original artwork

   · Giclée - fine art reproductions - No minimums

   · Acid free papers & canvas

   · Laser printed note cards w/ envelopes &

     clear packaging bags


   · Mounting on rigid materials

   · Laminating or coating

   · Shrink-wrapping

   · Matting

   · Framing

Promotional Materials

   · Postcards & posters

   · Flyers, price lists & price cards

   · Exhibit & display signs & banners

   · Brochures

   · Authenticity certificates


   · Consignment sales

   · Reference library for in shop sales & referrals

   · Gallery shows & display space

   · Web pages & links for current customers

For local businesses...

   · Design and printing of trade show graphics

   · Full color Lexan® signs w/ Velcro® backing

   · Point of purchase graphics & signs

   · Floor graphics

   · Window graphics

   · Full color banners and short term signs

   · In-store banners & signs w/ stands or hanging


   · Free-standing banners & banner stands

   · Retractable banners & banner stands

   · Product photo enlargements up to 43" x 90.

   · Creation of murals using multiple prints hung side

     by side.

   · Mounting of signs to rigid materials.


For the individual home or office decorator...

   · Giclée prints by local artists & photographers

   · Reference library of prints by local artists &


   · Photo restoration of old or damaged photos.

   · Over-sized enlargements up to 43"x 90" for photos

     or paintings.

   · Creation of murals using multiple prints hung side

     by side.

   · Multiple copies of a favorite family photos or

     paintings for members of the family.

   · Conversion of your favorite photo into a

     masterpiece painting or sketch and printed on fine

     art paper or canvas.


Please note that MFA cannot and will not reproduce copyrighted materials without the written permission of the copyright owners.

Detail from "Free Spirit" by T.Alan Kirk

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