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Photo Conversions

Photo Conversions

A photo Conversion is taking an original photograph and turning it into a piece of digital artwork and printing it on art paper or canvas. Here are some of the types of art media we can simulate:


Pencil • Colored Pencil • Pen & Ink • Chalk or Oil Pastel

 Watercolor • Oil Painting • Mixed Media


A few things to consider . . .

• The process works best when we start from a digital photo, but we can scan an existing photo if necessary.  The sharper the photo the better results we can come up with.

• Photos from professional services or studios are copyrighted and will require a letter of release from their creator before we can work on them.

• Bring in several photos and together we can select the best one for the process and select the type of artistic effect you prefer. Note that not all effects work well with every photo.

For more examples of photo conversions visit us in our shop. We have these and lots of other examples to show you.

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