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For Photographers

For Photographers


Whether you are an amateur shooting with your phone's camera or a professional photographer with all the latest equipment, we have something to offer you in photographic services. Here are a few:


• Digital editing & cropping

• Printing on a variety of papers

   and canvas

• Mounting to foam board, PVC

   board, magnets or other surfaces

• Laminating

• Framing

• Exhibit support materials: fliers

   & posters & more

Digital Editing & Cropping

We don't just plug in your media card and print your file. We carefully examine your images to make sure you get the best print possible. This may mean adding a little contrast, saturation or doing other work necessary to assure a good quality product. We invite you to sit with us and watch what we do to help make your images the best they can be.



We stock several types of paper for printing:

• Single Weight, Double Weight and Enhanced Matte

• Luster Photo Paper

• Watercolor Paper

• Canvas Textured Paper

• Canvas

Photographs by T.Alan Kirk


We can mount any size up to 42" x 96"

Substrates include:

   Standard 1/8" & 3/16" foam board (up to 32 x 40)

   3/16" Ultra Mount extra rigid foam board

   3mm PVC board

   2 or 3 point backer boards



We carry several types of  lamination.

3 mil 43" luster surface - Our most used general purpose lamination.

10 mil 38" luster - Heavy duty & durable - suitable for areas that may receive heavy wear.  This product is excellent for laminating photos so as to eliminate glass and is also used for trade show display graphics.



• We are best suited to laminate pieces larger than 11" x 17". For smaller pieces we recommend using an office supply store.


• It is best to allow from 1/4 to 1/2 inch on each side. This means we can accommodate a piece 42-1/2 (37-1/2 for 10 mil) at its widest. Length can vary since it comes off of a roll.


• We can laminate only one side at a time and do not encapsulate the edges. Second side lamination doubles the cost.


• Lightweight papers like plotter paper, tend to wrinkle in the lamination process. For best results have the piece mounted or use a heavier weight paper.



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